Iain owns a clothing brand Called Trickett England.

He mentions his friends think it’s a good idea to get some ‘proper’ photos taken as his brand is gaining some real traction.

 So he drops off a handful of products and garments for me to shoot.

 Two days later, he downloaded them to his phone, uploaded them to his Instagram and started to sell them.

 Days later, another WhatsApp message…

 …’ can I drop more stuff off, pal.’

 Flash forward 44 photo shoots later, and he’s dropping off bags of garments, £500 jackets, limited edition collaboration trainers, candles, Italian coffee and all sorts of accessories and handmade goods…

 …One time he asked me if I could get some products shot the same day because a Japanese magazine needed images and were going to print them the next day.

 ‘No worries if not, he says… I know it’s extremely last minute.’

Garments were prepped, steamed, styled, shot, colour corrected, edited and uploaded in less than 8 hours.

 I’m not saying that professional photos are responsible for any of Iain’s success.

You can see he’s been putting the groundwork in for over a decade…

…But when things did start to take off, he did the smart thing.

He made his products easier to shop for. Now you can see every detail, button and pocket down to close-ups of the quality fabric Iain is passionate about.

 If you could do with some ‘proper’ photos, then click the button below and let me know how I can help you.