Make your products look irresistible…

Expert product photographer – Helping entrepreneurs craft a high-end brand and receive the attention they deserve.

Make your products look irresistible…

Expert product photographer – Helping entrepreneurs craft a high-end brand and receive the attention they deserve.

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Product photography that gets your brand noticed

Entrepreneurs, Are you sick and tired of taking images of your products only for all your hard work to be ignored?

Would you like your back bedroom brand to look like the best in the business?

Unless you’re doing this purely for fun and you’re not interested in making a profit, the answer should be yes!

Listen: If your business isn’t making money, you have an expensive hobby. Some people want that, and if that’s you, then you can stop reading right now.

But if you ARE serious about growing your brand into one people line up to feature in their media… and… brings you more cash and a better quality of life…

…you need to keep reading.


I’ll help you:

Look the part

Create a world-class store page that’s consistent and showcases all the features of your products… saving you a mountain of copy and questions

Build the vision

Create desire for your products by showing customers exactly how your product will enhance their lifestyle

Create the perfect first impression

Give your brand an established look and set your brand’s tone to high-end

Stop losing sales

Stop losing sales to blurry or bad images as customers will know exactly what they’re buying

Hi, I’m Jordan! I make your brand and products look high-end

I understand that you want to be an established premium brand owner. This is why I’ve been helping business owners like yourself stay supplied with images that engage with your audience for nearly a decade.

I’ve worked in the photographic industry since I was 19 and have had the pleasure of working on projects for brands of all sizes, such as M&S and Social Chain to working with entrepreneurs, professionals and brands who sell products or services.

Quality and consistency are two elements I strive for in my photography and my end goal is not only to deliver world-class content but to also make your brand irresistible.

The bottom line is, booking a shoot with me will make a huge difference to how your brand looks and how customers connect with it.

I’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready, but I encourage you to act soon. There is no perfect time to make an investment and my availability can go quickly.

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Here’s what entrepreneurs like yourself have to say:

I do most of my own photography for our small business and I’m generally reluctant to pass any of that off to anyone else, but Jordan has really impressed me. Product photography is an art in its own right & Jordan clearly knows what he’s doing. The photos he sent us were great marketing material and should save me plenty of time trying to organise my own frantic shoots in between other jobs. Professional and a pleasure to work with. Thanks, Jordan!

Robert Cracknell

Lather & Smudge

“I’d never considered booking a brand photographer for my valeting and detailing services, but after booking Jordan and seeing how professional I look It’s something I’m considering doing regularly to keep my social media growing and bringing in new customers. Highly Recommended.”

Shaun McCartney


“After using Jordan on a photoshoot for a full day I was highly impressed with how hard he works and how professional he is! I would highly recommend this guy to anyone looking for a photographer 10/10”

Scott Felton

Feltons Army Surplus Stores

“Jordan has been absolutely AMAZING! He has provided me with outstanding professional pictures that exceeded my expectations. He has been very kind and considerate throughout the process and has gone the extra mile too! I can’t wait to use the pictures for my business but also can’t wait to book with him again! 100% recommend :)”

Tariro Munenga

Thoughtful Muslim

“Very friendly and professional. Quality photography and was very accommodating in trying to cover off as many different shots as we could. Would definitely recommend!”

Georgia Robson

Get Stoked Marketing

Jordan always listens very carefully to our requirements and gives honest advice and great suggestions in regards to the photography that we need. Delivering a result that we are proud to show off each and every time. We look forward to continuing to work with Jordan across a range of projects that we have coming up for the brand.


Cartilage Cartel

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