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The Power of Images

Using lighting to highlight materials, textures and shape,

to create beautiful images.


To show the world how great your product is.

Product Photography Service

At Magill Photography we offer professional imagery specialising in product photography. Whether that’s garments and clothing, works of art, commodities or even food. We combine years of industry knowledge of lighting and composition with a big splash of creativity to bring you beautiful images to show your clients how great your product is.

White Background Photography Service

We offer Professional White background product photography images to show off your product from any angle you like with or without the shadows, your choice. Being able to put together a consistent photography package for your products is just one of the things we can offer your business.

Even if you already have a set way of photographing your products, we can replicate this through following client-briefs or through studying the lighting and then replicating. Magill Photography has worked with brands both large and small to help clients to archive professional white Background Images

How Professional Imagery Can benefit you.

Beautifully Relevant Images

The internet is flooded with visual content, but only a handful of it actually improves non-verbal communication and influences consumer emotions. That is the difference between generic photos and photography that tells a story with your product.

More Conversions

Professional Images can lower the bounce rate of a website and make it more likely your customers will engage with your company. Your strategy relies on images to improve understanding, increase engagement and inspire consumers to take action. To do that, you have to create timeless, emotional, and dynamic images that create a favourable perception which ultimately drive sales.

Show them What You've got

More than half of online shoppers think that product photos are more important than product information reviews, and ratings. Your images are like windows into your store, and the more representative they are, the more buyers trust you and the momentum they build to wards completing a purchase.

Customer Satisfaction

Your product images serve as your ambassadors, not only on your product page but across your store and beyond on your on- and offline marketing channels. They help you nurture your buyers along their decision-making journey and naturally, do a better job at that.

Clients & Testimonials