Bamboo Bamboo started up during lockdown when the owner Joel wanted to create less mess at the dinner table for his four kids. 

     So when he found me on Instagram, he related to my posts about levelling up your photography and brand.

     Since working with Joel, he now has the following:

     Creative content – featuring his bowls in block colour backgrounds emphasising the brand’s playfulness, but we also tailored the content to the parents who buy the products. 

     White background assets – meaning every single product, from bowls to the suction cups, were photographed. Meaning they can be digitally added together as bundles. 

     Modelled and in-situ content – These were images of the plates in use with kids and their parents serving up meals and drinks and enjoying mess-free lunches. 

     The images were used across their website and Amazon, leading to creating a beautiful brand story page that shows parents why they should choose Bamboo Bamboo. 

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