Calyx Drinks is an independent Craft Drink maker based in Burnley Lancashire. Raphael the creator of the delicious drinks contacted me years ago through a friend looking for some new images to grow their brand with. The shots on this page are from our most recent shoot and will make their way onto Point of Sale displays in shops around the UK.

My brief for this shoot was to highlight that the drinks are craft brewed, and we wanted to give the product and still-life images an artisan aesthetic. So where better to shoot than the soft drink company’s own brewery! My thought going into this shoot was to give a nod to the craft aesthetic whilst wanting to show how eye-catching the label was and finally highlighting the shape of the bottle. With only four hours to shoot the images above and below we had some time, in the end, to do some makeshift White background Images for their two new products Calm and Zobo!

If you need a hand getting your products photographed just send me a message on the contact page and say Hello!